A roadtrip to the Jurassic Coast

Early one morning hubby and I grabbed our picnic gear, thermos flask, and walking shoes, and headed towards the Jurassic Coast in southern England. Waking up before the dawn chorus is not everyone’s idea of fun but there’s something special about having an early start on a beautiful clear morning when the roads are almost empty and most other people are still asleep. It was also quite exciting to go on a roadtrip as we rarely do it – mainly  because we don’t even own a car!


Our home is on a great bus route within walking distance from everywhere and to travel out of town we usually hop on the train. However, having access to a car is handy when we need to go somewhere without decent public transport, and on those occasions we use Co-wheels car club. Once you’re a member you can book any of their vehicles anywhere in the country. You pay an hourly/daily fee + mileage, use a fuel card for fuel, and return the car to its designated parking space. Several of Co-wheels vehicles are parked near us so there is usually something available even at short notice. That was extremely useful on this particular morning as the car we had booked was, in fact, in London! Errrmmm… Luckily we were promptly allocated another vehicle so our journey began less than half an hour behind schedule.


The Jurassic Coast is England’s first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its geology dating back over 185 million year, it’s internationally recognised for its rocks, fossils, and landforms. Until our trip I had never visited the area and really looked forward to seeing its beauty with my own eyes.

We arrived at Lulworth Cove visitor centre before it had even opened up. After our picnic breakfast we first visited the cove and then continued up the hill towards the limestone arch of Durdle Door. Nothing like sunshine, sea air, and a good hike to give you an energy boost – although at that point my legs weren’t convinced. ( I can easily walk for miles but hiking up the hill or steep stairs is often a real pain, yet I regularly do it. It’s now almost my trademark on holiday.)



The  views at Durdle Door were breathtakingly beautiful: the arch itself, Man O’ War Bay right next to it, and the long beach lined by dramatic white cliffs. Although it meant yet another steep climb up afterwards, we descended to the bay to see the land formations from a different angle, and witnessed a lone fisherman silhoutted against the sun. My legs had luckily decided to cooperate with me so I could appreciate the scenery on the hike back to the car. After having a coffee break and writing a few postcards in proper holiday style we continued our journey through Dorset. Although we visited several other lovely places, none of them quite matched the majestic Jurassic Coast.

The next roadtrip is already in the pipeline. Hopefully our car will be waiting in its usual location this time!






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