On the open road: digital nomads in the making?

When you spend a week and a half on the open road – as well as on some dirt tracks lined by fir trees – you have a lot of time to think and talk. The constantly changing scenery and lack of a particular plan apart from “let’s head towards x” feels liberating and invigorating, as if everything in the world was possible and for the taking! Our recent 1000-mile road trip through spring-time Finland confirmed what hubby and I have been thinking about for quite a while now: we want to be digital nomads, free from ties to any geographic location.

Despite feeling at home at our home, we don’t actually miss it when we are away for a longer period, just the cats. Maybe it’s because to us home is more about being together than living in a set place. All we really need is a base with cooking and washing facilities as well as access to internet although we never say no to extra comforts such as a dishwasher or a nice back garden! We have done stretches of cat and house sitting in the past and stayed in self-catering apartments, feeling comfortable and settled. We would also be happy to try out living on a narrowboat or in a campervan to broaden our options. So, now that plans for our future accommodation are in place, we just have to figure out how to earn a living whilst we are on the move! (Ok, things are likely to be a bit more complicated than that but when you are excited about new possibilities, the nitty-gritty doesn’t feature very high on your list.) I think we are going to have a lot of fun talking about this and planning how the dream could become reality.

As for the road trip itself, we had a great time seeing friends and family in different parts of the country as well as visiting new places like proper travellers. Some of those towns deserve a blog post of their own but for starters, here are some of the snapshots of countless light green birches and deep blue lakes, swans in the field, cute bus shelters and log piles by the road, white clouds and seemingly never-ending roads – all taken on my little compact camera from a moving car. Talk about capturing fleeting moments!



4 thoughts on “On the open road: digital nomads in the making?

      1. We are staying in Espoo again and spend lots of time taking walks by the sea. We’re also going to Kotka and Turku to see the Tall Shops when they come in. No other fixed plans yet, we’ll wait and see what the weather holds.


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