Old-time charm of Clifton Hampden

Old English villages can be picture postcards. Their traditional thatched cottages, narrow lanes, little stone churches, and well-tended gardens are utterly charming, like something from an era long gone. One of those picturesque places is Clifton Hampden, a Thames-side village in Oxfordshire, where hubby and I ended up taking our picnic gear earlier today simply because it was such… Read More Old-time charm of Clifton Hampden

Celebrating May Day the Oxford way

In Finland May 1st and the day before are celebrated in a BIG way, especially but not exclusively among students. Balloons, streamers, ‘sima’ (a home-made low-alcohol mead), sparkling wine, funnel cake-like fritters, doughnuts, picnics, various student traditions, and a carnival atmosphere are all part of the festivities. Although in most parts of England May Day has… Read More Celebrating May Day the Oxford way

‘Cash or Maestro only’ – Dutch travel tales part 2

When your hotel’s minibar list includes a ‘Leisure Item (The Love Bag)’, it makes you wonder what kind of accommodation you may have booked. This is what happened to us in The Hague although luckily the hotel turned out to be perfectly fine. (The bag was available upon request at 25 Euros and that was just too… Read More ‘Cash or Maestro only’ – Dutch travel tales part 2